A Badge and a Mask

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Detective Devin MacGregor would rather be caught dead than without his mask while undercover for the DEA as a stripper to shut down a drug ring in Atlanta. When his partner identifies Samantha Yardley as a suspect at the club, Devin throws on Kevlar to shield his heart when unwanted feelings cloud his judgment. Yet he sheds his clothes for her pleasure alone.

As his reasons for suspecting her unravel, Samantha discovers the man Devin hides behind the badge and mask. She risks her career, her family, and her life to help Devin close the case, knowing she may lose her bold stripper and the human statue she brought to life, Detective Devin MacGregor.


Samantha stirred and lifted her head to see Devin standing in the middle of her living room, unmoving and staring at her. His gaze confused her, intense, yet unreadable. She stood and slowly crossed the room to reach him. He remained the statue, following her movement only with his eyes. Somehow she knew she was the only one who could change him back into a living, breathing man reacting to her like before.

When she stroked his stubble-rough cheek, he dropped his keys with a muffled jangle. She cupped his face with both hands and tipped it down so she could see into his eyes. She could see questions, control, want.

“Do you need me?”

The muscles in his jaw strained against her fingertips, giving away his struggle. His eyes closed momentarily and he drew in a breath.

She ran her hands around the back of his shoulders under the cape with only the white tunic fabric under her fingertips and the tassels of the epaulets tickling her. She smoothed around to the hard planes of his chest, and felt the rapid beat of his heart. She glanced at his face in surprise. He arched an eyebrow in challenge.

Needing to touch him more, memorize his body, she traced the muscles of his upper arms, feeling his biceps twitch under her caress, but he remained motionless otherwise. She continued down to his hands and turned the palms up when she reached them. Gently she lifted each one to press a kiss into the palm. Devin released a whoosh of air, like he had been holding his breath.

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