Ten Reasons Not to Quit Writing

  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Activities that stimulate cognition and require information processing reduce the odds of developing the debilitating disease.

  2. Learn creative problem-solving. Plotting and solving your characters’ problems can lead to some clarity in your own dilemmas.

  3. Keyboard use preserves coordination in your fingers. The exercise stimulates the brain and may help prevent arthritis.

  4. Even if you write as a hobby, you receive health benefits. Active participation can boost creativity, self-esteem, pleasure and decrease the chances of becoming depressed.

  5. Research and organizational skills may weaken. Any decision is easier to make if we can identify what we’re searching for, find the information, pull it altogether, and decide how well the conclusions work.

  6. You give up your chance at success. You must write and submit to become published, otherwise you’ll never know if you could reach the goal.

  7. You lose social connections. Writing communities are a source of hope and inspiration whether you’re struggling or not.

  8. Writing romance gives better understanding of interpersonal realationships. This gives new perspectives to your story and life experiences.

  9. You stop training yourself to be objective about your problems and your performance. Criticism in our real or imaginary world is easier to handle if we can take a step back and evaluate ourselves honestly.

  10. Giving up closes off the escape, that private world that pleases us. Although sometimes it seems to be a source of stress, this creative outlet helps reduce stress and leads us to places we can only dream about.


Now, if you made any of those pesky resolutions, you have a few good reasons to hang in there!


Copyright 2005.  Originally appeared in Rumpled Sheets, August 2005, Publication of the Missouri Romance Writers of America.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for right to reprint.