Eurail Romance - Ten Reasons Why the Eurail Pass is a Ticket to Romance

The Eurail pass is a must for extensive travel in Europe. This handy ticket allows spontaneous and unlimited travel (within a specified time frame) in seventeen European countries and throws millions of people together each year. With a little imagination, romance blooms amidst backpacks and briefcases, setting the wheels in motion for an opening chapter or short story.


1                    The scenery is magical. Mountains, medieval walls, castles, cottages and colorful cafés flash by as the train zips to its destination. With such grand backdrops, who needs rose-colored glasses to make everything and everyone more special and attractive?


2                    In a train compartment, two people from countries across the globe meet when they would never have crossed paths otherwise. There’s something exotic and tempting about a foreign accent, a woman who speaks three languages, or imagining oneself exploring the native country of a newfound love.


3                    A cathedral looms a few steps from the train station (Köln). The European train system is so well connected that a starry-eyed couple can explore the most stimulating of places with a quick adjustment to their schedules. Spontaneity adds sparkle and excitement to a new affair.


4                    Light travelers can stuff bags in the lockers at the station, freeing them up for more possibilities. A crafty hero might attempt to pass himself off as a local, while a smart heroine can easily lose him in a crowded cobblestone street in wine country.


5                    Typically those with a backpack and Eurail pass are looking for adventure. A romance with a dreamy passenger makes a great story for a journal or the girls back home.


6                    Fares sort passengers by first and second class on some trains. When she is forced to buy a first class ticket on the high speed train (TGV) from Brussels to Paris, she meets a millionaire who romances her over red wine and gourmet food. Or maybe he rides second class to find out how people react to him as an ordinary man.


7                    Contact with others can end quickly, as soon as the next town. The possibility creates uncertainty and tension. Will he descend the train with her or continue toward his intended destination?


8                    Conflict lurks around every bend. Is her ticket missing when the conductor checks? Did someone steal her wallet with her passport so the man she just met has to help her search her bags, including the unmentionables? Maybe he is familiar with her destination and advises her against staying. Does he need to rendez-vous with friends and depart in the opposite direction?


9                    The confines of the train provide forced intimacy, especially if the train is crowded. How can she avoid talking to him when his feet are touching hers across the compartment? Side by side conversation with hushed voices, intense eye contact and foreheads nearly touching cannot fail to lead to romance and fluttering hearts.


10                Endless possibilities exist for a surprise ending. Does he show up at her hotel a few days later after he finishes his business? The couple plans an impulsive stay in a medieval fortress village to climb ancient walls together? A proposed meeting at the top of the Eiffel Tower in six months?


On a speeding train in the middle of lush countryside people gravitate toward someone who shares their language. Some even try versions of high school French. Opportunities to romance or be romanced abound on the rails. Consider the unexpected perks of a Eurail pass.

A few tips: visit RailPass and check out Europe by Eurail 2004. Watch Europe Through the Back Door with Rick Steves for images of train stations, scenery, and the interior of European trains. Happy (and Romantic) Travels!


Copyright 2005.  Originally appeared in Rumpled Sheets, February 2005, Publication of the Missouri Romance Writers of America.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for right to reprint.